Accelerating Wealth

Managed Funds

Managed funds allow you to pool your money with a number of other investors into a single fund that then is able to invest in assets that might otherwise be out of your reach.

Your investments are managed for you, by professional fund managers who invest in a variety of assets in Australia or overseas, including shares, property and fixed interest or a combination of these.


Buying shares in a company makes you a partial owner along with the other shareholders. Companies issue shares to the public for a number of reasons such as to raise money to fund growth or to reduce debt.

Investing in shares has many benefits including a high level of liquidity, which gives you ready access to your money.

Property Trusts

Property is a proven investment strategy for wealth creation in the medium to long term. While there is an element of risk in any investment, pooling your funds with others in a well-managed property fund is an excellent way to generate regular income and capital growth. Property funds can also be an effective way of gaining exposure to different property sectors.

Income & Fixed Interest Investments

Fixed interest investments pay a known amount of income in regular installments for a specified time.

There are various types of fixed interest investments with different terms, conditions and levels of risk. Bonds and cash are examples of income producing investments and they generally provide stable and regular returns with lower risks.

Direct Property

Direct property relates to investments held directly in real estate - that is an investment property you own as an individual or with a group of investors.

This investment strategy has historically provided investors with attractive returns and lower risk when compared with some other investment options. You may choose to invest in direct property for the following reasons:

  • Reliable income streams
  • Tax advantages
  • Investment portfolio diversification
  • Capital stability